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[71]. A Hardware and Energy-Efficient Online Learning Neural Network with an RRAM Crossbar Array and Stochastic Neurons

I. Yeo, S-G. Gi, G. Wang and B. Lee* 

IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron. 68 (11), 11554-11564 (2020)

[70]. Emerging Memristive Artificial Synapses and Neurons for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing

S. ChoiJ. Yang, and G. Wang

Adv. Mater. 20044659 (2020) (*Invited Progress Report)

[69]. Artificially Intelligent Tactile Ferroelectric Skin

K. Lee†, S. Jang†, K. L. Kim, M. Koo, C. Park, S. Lee, J. Lee, G. Wang* and C. Park*

Adv. Sci. 7, 2001662 (2020)  †Equally contribute (*Inside Cover Feature)

[68]. One-dimensional organic artificial multi-synapses enabling electronic-textile neural network for wearable neuromorphic applications

S. Ham†, M. Kang, S. Jang†, J. Jang, S. Choi, T.-W. Kim* and G. Wang* 

Science Adv. 6 : eaba1178 (2020) †Equally contribute

[67]. Tunable rectification in a molecular heterojunction with two-dimensional semiconductors

J. Shin†, S. Yang†, Y. Jang, J. S. Eo, T.-W. Kim, T. Lee, C.-H. Lee*, and G. Wang*

Nature Comm. 11:1412, (2020) †Equally contribute


[64]. Photonic Organolead Halide Perovskite Artificial Synapse Capable of Accelerated Learning at Low Power Inspired by Dopamine-facilitated Synaptic Activity

S. Ham, S. Choi, H. Cho, S.-I. Na and G Wang*

Adv. Funct. Mater., 29, 1806646 (2019) (*Back Cover Feature) 

[65]. Ultrathin conformable organic artificial synapse for wearable intelligent device applications

S. Jang, S. Jang†, E.-H. Lee, G. Wang* and T.-W. Kim* ​

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 11(1), 1071-1080 (2019) †Equally contribute.

[66]. Two-in-one device with versatile compatible electrical switching or data storage functions controlled by the ferroelectricity of P(VDF-TrFE) via photocrosslinking

S. Hwang, S. Jang, M. Kang, S. Bae, S.-K. Lee, S. H. Lee, G. Wang, S. Fabiano, M. Berggren, and T.-W. Kim*

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 2, 825358-25368 (2019)


[60]. 2D Single-crystalline Copper Nanoplates as a Conductive Filler for Electronic Ink Applications
J.-W. Lee, J. Han, D. S. Lee, S. Bae, S. H. Lee, S.-K. Lee, B. J. Moon, C.-J. Choi, G. Wang, and T.-W. Kim*

Small,  14, 1403312 (2018)

[61]. Correlational Effects of the Molecular-Tilt Configuration and the Intermolecular van der Waals Interactions on the Charge Transport in the Molecular Junctions
J. Shin, K. Gu, S. Yang, C.-H. Lee, T. Lee, Y. H. Jang*, and G. Wang*

Nano Lett.,  18, 7, 4322-4330 (2018)

[62]. Synaptic barristor based on phase-engineered two-dimensional heterostructures
W. Huh†, S. Jang†, J. Y. Lee, D. Lee, D. Lee, J. M. Lee, H.-G. Park, J. C. Kim, H. Y. Jeong, G. Wang* and C.-H. Lee* 

Adv. Mater., 30, 1801447 (2018)  †Equally contribute. (*Back Cover Feature)

[63]. A Self-rectifying TaOy/Nanoporous TaOx Memristor Synaptic Array for Learning and Energy-efficient Neuromorphic Systems

S. Choi†, S. Jang†, J.-H. Moon, J. C. Kim, H. Y. Jeong, P. Jang, K.-J. Lee, and G. Wang*

NPG Asia Mater., 10, 1097–1106 (2018)  †Equally contribute. (*Feature Article)


[55]. Structurally engineered nanoporous Ta2O5-x selector-less memristor for high uniformity and low power consumption
S. Kwon†, T.-W. Kim†, S. Jang, J.-H. Lee, N. D. Kim, Y. Ji, C.-H. Lee, J. M. Tour*, and G Wang*.

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 9, 34015 (2017) † Equally contributed  

[56]. An all-organic composite system for resistive change memory via the self-assembly of plastic-crystalline molecules
A.-N. Cha, S.-A. Lee, S. Bae, S. H. Lee, D. S. L, G. Wang, and T-W Kim*

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 9, 2730−2738 (2017)

[57]. Interface-Engineered Charge Transport Properties in Benzenedithol Molecular Electronic Junctions via Chemically p-doped Graphene Electrodes
Y. Jang†, S.-J. Kwon†, J. Shin, H. Jeong, W.-T. Hwang, J.-W. Kim, J. Koo, T. Y. Ko, S. Ryu, G. Wang, T.-W. Lee*, and T. Lee*

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 9, 42043–42049 (2017)

[58]. Controllable switching filaments prepared via tunable and well-defined single truncated conical nanopore structures for fast and scalable SiOx memory
S. Kwon, S. Jang, J.-W. Choi, S. Choi,  S.-J. Jang, T.-W. Kim* and G. Wang*

Nano Lett, 17, 7462–7470 (2017)

[59]. Low temperature-grown KNbO3 thin films and their application to piezoelectric nanogenerators and self-powered ReRAM device
T.-H. Lee, H.-G. Hwang, S. Jang, G. Wang, S. Han, D.H. Kim, C.-Y. Kang, and S. Nahm* 

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter.  9, 43220–43229 (2017)


[49]. One step synthesis of Au nanoparticle-cyclized polyacrylonitrile composite films and their use in organic nano-floating gate memory applications
S.-P. Cho, S. Jang, H.-N. Jo, S.-A. Lee, S. Bae, S. Lee, J.Y. Hwang, H.-I. Joh, G. Wang, and T.-W. Kim*.  

J. Mater. Chem. C, 4 (7), 1511-1516 (2016)

[50]. Growth and Transfer of Seamless 3D Graphene-Nanotube Hybrids
N.D. Kim, Y. Li, G. Wang, X. Fan, J. Jiang, L. Li, Y. Ji, G. Ruan, R.H. Hauge*, and J.M. Tour*, 

Nano Lett, 16, 1287-1292 (2016)

[51]. Integrated all-organic 8× 8 one transistor-one resistor (1T-1R) crossbar resistive switching memory array
Y. Ji, A.-N. Cha, S.-A. Lee, S. Bae, S. H. Lee, D. S. Lee, H. Choi, G. Wang, and T.-W. Kim*. 

Org. Electron. 29, 66-71. (2016)

[52]. Graphene quantum dots as a highly efficient solution-processed charge trapping medium for organic nano-floating gate memory
Y. Ji, J. Kim, A.-N. Cha, S.-A. Lee, M. W. Lee, J. S. Suh, S. Bae, B. J. Moon, S. H. Lee, D. S. Lee, G. Wang, and T.-W. Kim*, “

Nanotechnology, 27, 145204 (2016) 

[53]. Growing Carbon Nanotubes from Both Sides of Graphene 
 J. Jiang, Y. Li, C. Gao, N. D. Kim, X. Fan, G. Wang, Z. Peng, R. H Hauge, and J. M Tour* 

ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 8 (11), 7356-7362 (2016)

[54]. Gate-dependent asymmetric transport characteristics in pentacene barristors with graphene electrodes 

W.-T. Hwang, M. Min, H. Jeong, D. Kim, J. Jang, D. Yoo, Y. Jang, J.-W. Kim, J. Yoon, G.-C. Yi, H. Lee, G. Wang*,  and T. Lee* 

Nanotechnology, 27, 475201 (2016)

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